Choosing The Best Picture Frame

Selecting A Frame

While it may sometimes be seen as an afterthought, or as just something peripheral (literally, around the edges), framing your art or photo should be considered is an inseparable part of the piece itself. Of course, a well-chosen frame lends emphasis to a piece, but it is more than that and should bring a great finishing to a piece..

Long ago, art was considered incomplete until framed, and indeed, many artists contemplated the frame as an integral part of the work. Many frames in decades or centuries past could well be considered art, with amazing detail and craftsmanship devoted to their design and construction.  

Today, we have an almost unlimited variety of framing options, ranging from every conceivable color to an astounding range of design choices. From the clean lines of a dark-toned simple aluminum frame to artfully enhanced carved frames, there is always something "just right" to bring balanced emphasis to a work of art. It can often seem overwhelming, but our staff can help you select a frame that will gently compliment your piece, and make a stunning finished product.

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